Racing - Provision VI

Provision VI - Running the Race




1. Every jockey engaged to ride in an event shall report within the “Jockey Club” group 30 minutes before post time of the first race. Each jockey will watch the group and wait for their race to be called “On Deck”, at which time, they shall report to the Paddock area. Every jockey shall script in at the appointed time.


2. All jockeys taking part in a race must be scripted in by the Clerk of Scales prior to their race starting. A jockey shall be wearing his riding clothing, boots, and jockey shape. If any scripts are found on the jockey, they must de-script within 2 minutes or be immediately disqualified.


3. In the event of a crash, a Jockey must re-script in. If a jockey crashes a second time they will be disqualified from the race.


4. A jockey shall be properly attired for riding in a race, wearing the registered colors authorized by the owner of the horse they are riding. As well as be wearing the proper Jockey tag and have their beacons visible.


5. Each horse starting in a race must be qualified for that race, ready to run, in physical condition to exert its best effort, and entered with the intention to win.


6. Jockeys going to the post in any race shall race their mount to win, shall give their best efforts in the race to their mount and the public, and shall ride their mount out until the finish line is crossed.


7. Ownership of a horse does NOT transfer to a jockey who is handed a horse for the purpose of racing. When the race is completed, the jockey is expected to return the horse to its rightful Owner immediately.


8. If the doors at the front of the starting gate stall should not open due to a mechanical failure or a malfunction of the starting gate, or should a horse not be in the starting gate stall when the field is dispatched, thereby, causing such horse to be left, the Official may declare such left horse to be a non-starter.


9. No person shall willfully or negligently cause any horse to fail to start and run its race.


10. During the running of the race:


  a. A leading horse is entitled to any part of the course; however, when another horse is attempting to pass in a clear opening, the leading horse shall not intentionally cross over so as to compel the passing horse to shorten its stride.

  b. A jockey shall not interfere with or cause any other jockey’s horse to lose stride, ground or position in a part of the race where the horse loses the opportunity to place where it might be reasonably expected to finish.

  c. Jockeys shall not ride carelessly, or willfully, so as to permit their mount to interfere with or impede any other horse.

  d. Jockeys will not cause their horse to gain an unfair advantage or cause their mount to have a false start prior to the gates opening.

  e. During the running of a race, Jockeys and horses must stay on the track at all times.

  f. At the conclusion of a race, all Jockeys must remain on the track at the specified location and adhere to instructions given by the Race Officials prior to leaving the track.

  g. All jockeys in a race must use the saddles that come from the horse in the races. No "Third-Party" saddles may be used.

  h. If a Jockey rides in a manner contrary to these rules, the mount WILL be disqualified and the Jockey MAY lose their certification and any horses they might own.

  i. If any activity of a jockey during a race, causes an unfair advantage and there is not a specific rule pertaining to such activity, the Officials on the track may make a call of Unfair Advantage and disqualify said jockey.


11. The jockeys’ scripts will be monitored during the race. The Official may disqualify any horse, whose jockey adds scripts after scripting in but before the horse has entered “cool down”, and shall discipline the persons responsible therefore.


12. If a jockey crashes once the race has started, the jockey must re-log into their home location, NOT their last location.


  a. If a jockey crashes after the race has concluded prior to picking their horse up from the track, they must relog home and request permission from the Clerk of Scales 1 via instant message to return to the track to retrieve/set horse in cooldown.


13. A jockey or owner of a horse, who has reasonable grounds to believe that his horse was interfered with or impeded or otherwise hindered during the running of the race, or that any riding rule was violated by any other jockey or horse during the running of the race, may immediately make a claim of interference or foul with the Clerk of Scales 1 via instant message before the race has been declared official.


  a. If a disqualification has been made against a jockey, said jockey is allowed two (2) minutes to inquire and dispute their disqualification with the Clerk of Scales 1 via instant message.

  b. The Officials may thereupon, hold an inquiry into the running of the race. No person shall make any claim of interference or foul knowing the same to be inaccurate, false or untruthful. Such claims will result in penalties by the Racing Authority.


14. When satisfied the order of finish is correct, all timely objections have been addressed, and the race has been properly run under the rules of the Racing Authority, the Officials shall confirm the official order of finish. The decision of the Officials as to the official order of finish is final.

**Note: These guidelines are subject to change, but all changes will be communicated through the ABC website and a group notice. Please refer to this website for the most current version. We reserve the right to copy any communication involving ABC business transactions, either in email or in-world.
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