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Come experience a breedable that doesn't compromise on look, with unmatched script performance and improved physics and motion and many behind the scene improvements that really serve to make the Breedable experience more enjoyable.


Discover a new gateway to your breedables with ABC Awesome Breed Creations, one of the fastest growing ventures on the grid. ABCs unique blend of scripting, sculpting, and team of experienced people will be sure to produce a product and provide an environment in which you can rediscover breedables as they were meant to be.



Getting started with ABC is a very simple process.


  1. Register at a Vendor/Quest System terminal. These are located at our Main Shop and any of our Satellite Shops.


  2. Purchase any size Starter Pack, or visit one of the many ABC Markets located throughout SL to purchase that "Special" Horse or Pony that you've had your eye on.


  3. Purchase some food. Our Starter Packs come with 2 weeks of Hay & Salt, However if you purchased a Horse or Pony from a market you will need to get it some food. For help choosing which food or consumables you will need, please read the Horse or Pony Manual located on this website, also you can check out the Food & Care FAQ.


  4. Explore our website, there is tons of information here to assist you in becoming a skilled breeder.


  5. Enjoy!

Page Updated: 2/17/14